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Peer-Reviewed Publications

  • Cannon, S.E., E. Aram, T. Beiateuea, A. Kiareti, M. Peter, S.D. Donner. (2021). Coral Reefs in the Gilbert Islands of Kiribati: Resistence, resilience, and recovery after more than a decade of multiple stressors. PLoS One. 16(8): e0255304.
  • Cannon, S.E. 2020. Climate change denial and the jeopardised interests of the United States in the Freely Associated States of Micronesia. Asia Pacific Viewpoint. 62(2):242-258.
  • Darling ES, McClanahan TR, Maina JM, Gurney GA, Graham NAJ, Januchowski-Hartley F, Cinner JE, Mora C, Hicks CC, Maire E, Puotinen M, Skirving WJ, Adjeroud M, Ahmadia G, Arthur R, Bauman A, Beger M, Berumen M, Bigot L, Bouwmeester J, Brenier A, Bridge T, Brown E, Campbell S, Cannon SE, Cauvin B, Chen C, Claudet J, Denis V, Donner S, Estradivari E, Fadli N, Feary D, Fenner D, Fox H, Franklin E, Friedlander A, Gilmour J, Goiran C, Guest J, Hobbs J, Hoey A, Houk P, Johnson S, Jupiter S, Kayal M, Kuo C, Lamb J, Lee M, Low J, Muthiga N, Muttaqin E, Nand Y, Nash K, Nedlic O, Pandolfi J, Pardede S, Patankar V, Penin L, Ribas-Deulofeu L, Richards Z, Roberts T, Rodgers K, Safuan C, Sala E, Shedrawi G, Sin T, Smallhorn-West P, Smith J, Sommer B, Steinberg P, Sutthacheep M, Tan C, Vargas-Angel B, Williams G, Wilson S, Yeemin T, Bruno JF, Fortin MJ, Krkosek M and D Mouillot. 2019. Social-environmental drivers inform strategic management of coral reefs in the Anthropocene. Nature Ecology and Evolution, 3, 1341-1350.
  • Cannon, S.E., S.D. Donner, D. Fenner, M. Beger. (2019). The relationship between macroalgae taxa and human disturbance on central Pacific coral reefs. Marine Pollution Bulletin, 145, 161-173.
  • King, L., L. Mackenzie, M. Tadaki, S.E. Cannon, K. McFarlane, D. Reid, & M. Koppes. (2018). Diversity in geoscience: Participation, behaviour, and the division of scientific labour at a Canadian geoscience conference. FACETS, 3(1), 415–440.

Invited Presentations

  • Anonymous Contributors, S. Barnes, S.E. Cannon,* B. Chamberlin, E. Griggs, J. Griggs, J. Moore, A. Reid, N. Sainsbury, J. Walkus. 2022, 22 August. Taking care of knowledge, taking care of salmon; Indigenous data sovereignty. Symposium: Indigenous Data Sovereignty: Empowering good data governance and care in fisheries. American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting 2022, Spokane, Washington, USA.
  • Cannon, S.E.*, E. Aram, T. Beiateuea, K. DeBrum, A. Kiareti, A. Liu, M. Peter, and S.D. Donner. 2022, 18 August. Unexpected conservation implications from disturbed reefs in the Pacific Islands. Symposium 17-3: The state of ecosystems across the Global South: Perspectives on ecology, conservation, and environmental justice. ESA/CSEE 2022 Joint Annual Meeting, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Cannon, S.E.* 2021, 5 February. History doesn’t have to repeat itself: Looking back at the origins of biodiversity conservation shows that decolonization is necessary for just and effective steps forward. Oceans and Fisheries Seminar Series. University of British Columbia, Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries, Vancouver, BC. Available on YouTube:
  • Cannon, S.E.* 2020. Decolonizing Conservation: Indigenous-led conservation leads to just and effective solutions to the biodiversity crisis. Decolonizing Global Health: A Planetary Health Epistemology. 10th Annual Maastricht Symposium on Global and European Health, Online Event.

Guest Lectures

  • Cannon, S.E. 2020. Climate change, vulnerability, urbanization, and migration in Micronesia. Guest Lecture: University of British Columbia PLAN331, The Just City in a Divided World. Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Cannon, S.E. 2017. Climate Change and Coral Reef Resilience: Interactions between Local and Global Threats to Reefs. Women in Ecology, Season 2, Episode 9. Saint Mary’s College, Indiana.

Posters and Presentations

  • Cannon, S.E.*, L. King, L. MacKenzie, M. Tadaki, K. Mcfarlane, D. Reid, M. Koppes (2018). Do the ends justify the means? The complex politics of research on equity and diversity in the geosciences. American Geophysicists Union Fall Meeting, Washington, D.C.
  • King, L.*, S.E. Cannon, L. MacKenzie, M. Tadaki, K. Mcfarlane, D. Reid, M. Koppes (2018). What can scientific conferences tell us about diversity in geoscience? American Geophysicists Union Fall Meeting, Washington, D.C.
  • Cannon, S.E.* and S. Donner. (2018). Macroalgae may be a misleading indicator of reef health. International Marine Conservation Congress, Kuching, Malaysia.
  • King, L., L. Mackenzie*, M. Tadaki*, S.E. Cannon*, K. McFarlane*, D. Reid*, M. Koppes. (2018). Diversity in Geoscience: Power, Behaviour, and Division of Scientific Labour at a Geoscience Conference. University of British Columbia Department of Geography Colloquium, Vancouver, BC.
  • Cannon, S.E.* and S. Donner. (2017) Investigating Coral Reef Resilience in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. University of British Columbia Department of Geography 2017 Graduate Student Symposium. Vancouver, BC.
  • Cannon, S.E.* and S. Donner. (2017) Investigating Human Impacts to Coral Reefs in the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Pacific Ecology and Evolution Conference, Bamfield, British Columbia.
  • Cannon, S.E.* and S. Donner. (2016) Climate Variability and the Resilience of Low Diversity Coral Communities to Bleaching in the Gilbert Islands, Kiribati. 13th International Coral Reef Symposium, Honolulu, Hawaii.
  • Cannon, S.E.*, C. Pomeroy, M. Galligan, P. Reilly, and C. Culver. (2016) Intersections between fishing practices and management: Dynamics of the commercial fishery for California Halibut. Society for Applied Anthropology annual meeting, Vancouver, BC.
  • Cannon, S.E.* (2016) Marine Management Methods in the Ulithi Atoll, Micronesia. TerreWEB Seminar Series, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC.
  • Pomeroy, C.*, C. Culver, M. Galligan, P. Reilly and S.E. Cannon. (2015) Filling a Gap: Collaboration to Build Understanding of California Fisheries’ Human Systems. International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM) annual meeting, Charleston, SC.
  • Galligan, M.*, C. Pomeroy, P. Reilly, C. Culver and S.E. Cannon. (2015) Data Matters in a Commercial Marine Fishery. North American Association of Fisheries Economists Forum: Economic Sustainability, Fishing Communities and Working Waterfronts. Ketchikan, AK.

* = presenter.

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